Squire Bow Black Medium

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥20,900

Brand: Epic Armoury
Type: Bow
Colour: Black
Weight: 455 gram / 16.05 oz
Unstrung Length: 118
String Length: 115
Draw weight lbs: 25


Epic Armoury’s Squire Bow is a realistic bow that is designed for shorter arm lengths and close-quarter fighting. Made with a fibreglass core and covered in soft suede, this 118 cm long 24-26 lb. bow is built to withstand abuse while not having too much force that you might injure your friends. It is embellished with leather for a better grip and interesting detail.

This bow is a great solution for beginning archers, youth, tourism, LARP or medieval reenactment. Due to this bow’s classic style, it is a perfect addition to a variety of genres or settings.

Available in sizes Small and Medium, and colours Black, Brown and Grey.