Sentinal Spear 180 cm

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥30,360

Brand: Epic Armoury
Type: Spear
Core: Ø 15 mm fibreglass pipe
Handle: Round foam handle
Coating: Latex
Weight: 720 gram 
Length: 180 cm
Grip Length: 110 cm
Blade Length: 65 cm
Blade Width: 8 cm


Epic Armoury’s Sentinel Spear is a 180 cm latex polearm inspired by the glaive. The Sentinel Spear has a 60 cm sleek, gently curved blade that is handpainted and sculpted. A coloured gem encased in rich metal attaches the blade to the 110 cm wood-coloured pole. The pole is wrapped in soft split-leather to ensure a firm and comfortable grip, and ends with a coreless pommel for safe combat.