Robe Azog Epic Black

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥17,738

Brand: Epic Armoury
Type: Robe
Colour: Epic Black
Fittings: Cotton tie-strings
Size: Medium/Large
Weight: 1135 gram / 40.04 oz
Length: 126
Chest Width: 57
Bottom width: 248
Sleeve Length: 64
Hood Height: 44
Hood Depth: 44


 Epic Armoury’s Robe Azog is an ankle-length robe designed to appear rugged and tattered. Perfect for an orc or rustic ranger, this textured-cotton robe has been distressed along the hem to make it look older and worn. The robe’s hood, roomy sleeves and length combine ease of movement with the best degree of protection from wind, rain or sun. Made from cotton, this robe is easily made waterproof.

Secure this robe below the neck with a cotton tie-string through a soft leather plate. Whether it is worn open or closed, this versatile long-sleeved robe is an essential when adding layers to almost any character’s costume.

Available in Brown and Epic Black; and sizes X-Small/Small and Medium/Large, and X-Large.