Leonidas 73 cm

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  • 通常価格 ¥13,701

Core: 8 mm Ø solid fibreglass
Coating: Latex
Type: Medium Sword 70-100 cm
Handle Style: Ergonomic
Brand: Epic Armoury - Classics
Weight: 230 grams
Length cm: 73 cm
Grip Length: 13 cm
Blade Length: 64 cm
Blade Width Max: 5 cm


Epic Armoury’s Sword of Leonidas is the perfect latex weapon for tackling one thousand descending nations and their armoured beasts all at once. Reminiscent of the modern bowie-knife, the Sword of Leonidas is a makhaira-type blade designed to effectively chop through your enemy. The 10 cm split-leather wrapped handle is protected by both the crossguard and pommel thanks to their hooked shape.