Lead Pipe

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥8,250

Core: 10 mm Ø solid fibreglass
Coating: Latex
Type: Mace
Handle Style: Round
Brand: Dark Moon
Weight: 130 gram / 4,59 oz
Length cm: 130 gram / 4.59 oz
Grip Length: 45 cm
Head Diameter: 4 cm
Colour: Single Coloured


Dark Moon’s Lead Pipe may lack some sophistication, but it makes up for it with plenty of weight and impact. This 52 cm long latex pipe is handpainted to look like tarnished metal. A sculpted tread at both ends of the straight bar serves as a grip and an attachment to a 5 cm long bend. Though not hollow all the way through, the lead pipe is hollow at the ends to add to its realistic appearance.