Leather Gauntlet Black Right Hand

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥12,551

Size: Medium / Large
Colour: Black
Type: Gauntlet
Fabric: Right hand
Fittings: Top-grain leather with brass k
Weight: 264 gram / 9,31 oz
Brand: Epic Armoury
Hip: 41,00
Waist Untied: 27,00
Main Fabric: Light cotton


This bestselling Epic Armoury Leather Gauntlet is a heavy-duty, vegetable-tanned full-grain leather gauntlet designed to protect the exposed hands from the fingers to the lower-arms. Made from two overlapping, oblong knuckle-shields and a thumb shield, the fingers are protected up to the first joint. These knuckle-shields are fitted onto a larger plate to protect the back of the hand, which sits over a large cuff covering the wrist and lower-arm. All elements are stitched around the edges to add structure and prevent deformation. In addition, the knuckle and thumb shields are convexly shaped to add extra stiffness to the leather.

Secure this gauntlet to your hand by sliding it through the leather straps attached to the knuckle and thumb shields. The cuff is decorated with flattened leather cords and is adjustable with a system of leather straps and brass knobs.

The gauntlet can be worn with Epic Armourys Thief or Falcon Gloves, or on its own. The style is timeless and moderate, and is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury leather and metal armours, giving you the freedom to customize your costume.

Please note that this gauntlet is designed for right-hand use.

Available in Medium/Large.