CQ Undead Medium Deal M/L

  • セール
  • 通常価格 ¥66,033

(Available mid December 2022)

Brand: Epic Armoury

Position: Full Body


Colours: Epic Dark

Size Variation: M/L

Package Height 30 cm

Package Width 38 cm

Package Length 58 cm

Gross Weight 8,854 g


Epic Armoury’s CQ Undead Medium Deal armour set includes CQ Undead Gorget and Shoulder Plates, Arm and Leg Protection, Tabard and Belt to gear your costume needs at a lower cost fully. Each armour piece is made from 1 mm galvanized mild steel and top-grain leather, built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment while keeping the user safe and comfortable. With regular metal and leather armour care, you can expect this armour set to last for a long time!

Available in size Medium and Large.

Gorget & Shoulder Plates

This fully articulated armour is designed to protect the throat, neck and shoulders while allowing freedom of movement. The armour is a four-piece set: a two-piece leather gorget and two shoulders. The gorget covers the thorax to the sternum. The two parts are fitted together with vegetable-tanned top-grain leather straps. The gorget also provides fastenings for the shoulders. The shoulders are composed of articulated spaulders covering the shoulder, upper arms and molded to deflect hits toward the neck and head.

Arm Protection & Leg Protection

An essential for any person intending to experience the battlefield. Two top-grain leather straps are used to keep each piece in place.


A sleeveless, open-sided garment worn over any outfit or set of armour, often with a belt. This particular tabard is solid black with a skull insignia. Whether you are a one-man army wanting to stand out, or you are in a unit of soldiers and want to blend in, you will appear full of style, class, and distinction by wearing the CQ Undead Tabard.


A top-grain black leather belt with a brass buckle and studs designed to hold up the CQ Undead Full Leg guards. This belt can also be worn over the Tabard when not on the battlefield for a more casual look.